WinDOORS is a game that revolves around clearing up as much space as possible on your hard drive. The goal is to survive as long as possible until your inevitable hard drive failure occurs.

WinDOORS was made in 58 hours for the Ludum Dare 42. Theme: Running out of space.

What the game offers

  • More than 20 applications to install and play around with 😱
  • Many achievements that persist between playthroughs ✅
  • Very many (too many) jokes hidden behind interactable parts of the Operating System. 😂
  • Multiple random viruses with various effects ⚠
  • Cool sound effects 😎
  • Hot graphics 🔥
  • Too many emojis 👌

  • How to play

    This is also explained in the game

    Open applications by left-clicking them on your desktop.

    Remove files from the trash bin to clear up some space.

    Uninstall big applications by clicking System Settings > Uninstall Applications.

    Install new applications from the App Store to assist you in clearing disk space.

    Remove viruses by scanning with the VirusButcher.

    Petr Sedlacek (@Spelos)
    Ben Kosmann (@SnoopSySpoonS)
    Marcus Otterström (@Marcus-Otterstrom)

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