Spark of Life


Spark of Life is a 3D Puzzle game made in a week for the #BrackeysGameJam. For optimal framerate & appearance download one of the builds instead of playing in the browser.


WASD: Movement

Left Mouse Click: Fire light gun (not a flashlight)

R: Reset level

E: Consume light

More info & Credits

We are not participating in the voting since we've known about the theme for a couple of months before the game jam started.

Yilian - 3D Artist | Level Designer | Programmer

CodeMyst - UI Designer | Story Writer | Programmer

LeMorrow - Music | SFX | Programmer

All assets in the game except for fonts are made by us.

Install instructions

WebGL: Click run game at the top of this page & fullscreen
Windows: Unzip and launch Spark of Life_WIN.exe
Mac: Unzip and launch Spark of
Linux: Unzip and launch Spark Of Life_LINUX.x86 or Spark Of Life_LINUX.x86_64


Spark of 35 MB
Spark of 39 MB
Spark of 57 MB

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