Useful information: 

You will take damage when enemies go out of the screen. Kill them before that happens! 

You've completed the game when the high priest ship has been shot down and enemies stop coming. You didn't win and you didn't lose. Congratulations. 

The quit button doesn't work, we thought it was useless. Why would you want to exit our game?

Thank you for trying my(our) first game. It was made in a month. We were 16 at the time. 


Q - Ability

Left/Right arrow keys - Rotate

Up arrow key - Accelerate

ESC - Pause


Marcus Otterström (LeMorrow)

Samuel Lundberg (Tantawelle)


Marcus Otterström (LeMorrow)

Samuel Lundberg (Tantawelle)

Lowe Ytterman (ElPablo)


Lamb of god - In your words (Instrumental version)

Quicksand dream - To kill Beneath the sun

We make no money off this game. 


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This game is bad but not realy bad so I give it 10/10