A downloadable game for Windows

Important info: There is a bug where the game blackscreens and you can't do anything. YOUR PROGRESS IS SAVED. Restart the game to fix the bug. Hit ESC or Q to quit. 

This game was made in 7 days for a "Rage Game Jam", taking heavy inspiritaion from Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy.

Music/Programming/Graphics/Audio made by Marcus Otterström.

About 70% of the voice lines are from song lyrics. All of the bands are listed on the endscreen!

(Yes, it is possible to beat it)

Install instructions

Unzip & run


QuitBuild.rar 31 MB

Development log


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mark's 3 rage games sent me here

Haha man great game loved the narration

the menu was surprising XD

Glad you liked it! :)